Medical Care

Occasionally your pet may need medical care in your absence. Any medical care that you are administering we can provide. Additional fees may apply.

As owners of Unique Pet Care, Paul and Amy have had pets requiring extensive medical care. Currently they have a diabetic cat, Ozzie, requiring 2 insulin shots per day. Amy has inserted a feeding tube and given fluids to Roger, one of her cats, during the treatment of Hepatic lipodosis. Amy has worked in various veterinarian clinics over most of her life. We have references from clients that have medically dependent pets.

The person assigned to your contract will have experience in administering the specific medication your pet requires. Unique Pet Care’s staff are experienced in the following areas of medical care:

  • Administering medications in pill or liquid form.

  • Administering Sub-Q Fluids .

  • Administering Inter-muscular shots.

  • Administering Insulin shots.

  • Cleaning wounds and changing dressings.

Hospice Care:

One of the services we a offer in the line of medical care is Hospice care. During the difficult time that your pet is critically ill, we will come in and administer any medications and care necessary to keep your pet comfortable. Included in this service is healing touch, homeopathic remedies, and flower essences. Our ability to provide these services allows you to enjoy the last days of your pets life without the complications of administering medicines. We offer mid day visits to check on your pet while you work giving you peace of mind you are doing everything to keep your pet comfortable during the transition from this life to the next.

We are always available to talk to you about any decisions or feelings you may be dealing with at this time.


The above mentioned items are routinely done by pet owners in the comfort of the pets home.

Any administration of medications will be done in accordance to the instructions of your licensed Veterinarian.

All medical care must be at the direction of a state licensed Veterinarian. We are not qualified to diagnose or treat any medical condition in your pet.

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